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The party wall act 1996 covers three types of work:

  • Work directly to a party wall
  • Excavation within 3m or 6m to a depth lower than the adjoining owner.
  • New walls built up to, the line of junction.

There are three different roles that a party wall surveyor can undertake via the party wall agreement process:

  • The building owner’s party wall surveyor: they will act wholly on the behalf of the building owner.
  • The adjoining owner’s party wall surveyor: the party wall surveyor will commonly respond to the party wall notices on the behalf of the adjoining owner, undertaken by the schedule of condition report with the building owner’s surveyor, liaise with the building owner’s surveyor and review and agree to the party wall award.
  • The agreed party wall surveyor: the party wall surveyor Hampshire will undertake all of the same roles as the two surveyors would, the only difference being that he or she acts impartially upon behalf of both owners.

Once a party wall notice is served the adjoining owner will have three response options:

  • Consenting to the party wall notice
  • Dissenting to the party wall notice and appointing their own party wall surveyor
  • Dissenting to the party wall notice and appointing an agreed party wall surveyor

The Party Wall Award is the conclusion of the party wall process and once it is served, it means that the building owner is free to commence their proposed construction works subject to adhering to the requirements set out within the Party Wall Award. Party Wall Award will contain the following information:

  • A description of the works being undertaken
  • The agreed protection measures to the adjoining owners of the property
  • Methods statements for the contractor
  • Access statements for the contractor
  • A timescale for the duration of the works
  • The schedule of condition report

The main benefit of a Party Wall Award is that it places the dispute in the hands of the Agreed Part Wall Surveyor or the two Party Wall Award, in which both owners are fully and legally protected.

Their main aim is to be both informative and helpful and which helps to identify if you proposed construction work, or your neighbour proposed construction works are covered by the party wall act 1996.

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